Brass Press-in Insert


Brass Press-in Insert Dimension / Length / Size: 

We manufacturing any different size insert as per Drawing or Sample.

Brass Press-in Insert Metal:

Brass / Copper Alloy

Brass Press-in Insert Rod: 


Brass Press-in Insert Material:

  • Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (l)
  • Free Cutting Brass as per BS 249 Type (I)
  • Generally Free Machine Grade of CuZn37Pb3 equivalent to BS 2874 is used to manufacture various brass threaded inserts in form of round, Hexagon, Square etc
  • Other grades which are followed as per custom requirements are CZ 121, CZ 131, C3604, CDA 360, and DTD 627 etc
  • High Grade Free Cutting Brass. 
  • Any Special Brass Material Composition as per customer’s requirement

Brass Press-in Insert Threads:

  • ISO Metric (MM Threads) 
  • BA Threads 
  • BSW Threads (Inches) 
  • UNC, UNF,UNEF and NPT Threads 
  • BSP & BSPT (Parallel & Taper Threads)
  • Any threads as per specifications

Brass Press-in Insert Finishing & Coating: 

  • Natural
  • Golden Finish
  • Silver Finish
  • Nickel Platted
  • Chrome Platted
  • Tin Plated
  • Any coating as per customer specifications

Brass Press-in Insert Packing Details:

  • Bag Packaging,
  • Inner Plastic Packing,
  • Carton Packaging,
  • Wooden Carton Packing

Brass Press-in Insert Special Features:

  • Thread as per international Go and Not Go Gauge Standard.
  • Deep Groove for maximum Pull out Resistance. 
  • Inner Diameter (ID) after threading with very close tolerance to prevent unrequired flush to enter into brass inserts.

Brass Press-in Insert Application:

  • With or without head and suitable for heated or cold press-in installation into plastics.
  • Plastic Industries 
  • Furniture Industry
  • Miniature Insert & Component
  • Acrylic Industry,
  • Heat Staking Industry,
  • Electronic Industry
  • Automobile Industry, etc…

Brass Press-in Insert MOQ:

  • 10000 Pieces

Brass Press-in Insert Available Price:

  • EX-Work
  • FOB – Free On Board
  • C&F – Cost And Freight
  • CIF  – Cost, Insurance and Freight

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